Technical SEO

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO generally refers to optimising your website for crawling and indexing.

These are more advanced techniques to basic SEO factors such as meta tag optimisation, image tags and content creation.

What is Crawling?

A search engine will send out spiders (computer programs) to find new sites and new pages on websites. They will also use sitemaps submitted to them from site owners.

What is Indexing?

Indexing is when a search engine adds a page to its search results.

When search engines find a page they will first check whether they are allowed to index the page. There maybe reasons why you wouldn’t want a search engine to index a page so you can tell them not to index it.

You can block search engines from indexing a page by using either the robots.txt file or using a noindex meta tag.

How long does it take Google to index my site?

This depends on a few different factors.

If it is a brand new website you could be looking at up to 4 weeks.

If it is an established website this can come down to hours.

How can I check if my site is on Google?

You can do a search for your domain name or company name in Google search but the best way is to do this search: obviously replacing with your actual domain name

This will show you all the pages that Google has indexed. That isn’t quite true it will show you most of them. It will filter out similar pages especially on ecommerce sites.

Other Technical SEO Factors

I would suggest that other technical SEO factors include making sure your site is mobile friendly, that you are using an SSL certificate and the speed is good. For ecommerce and local SEO you will also want to make sure that you are using rich snippets or structured data.