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Local SEO Wakefield - 5 star Google reviews We offer Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) management and full marketing services including PR, Social Media and Content Marketing.

We are currently helping other businesses in the Wakefield area with their online marketing.

These include Eagle Platforms, Cultrix, Accessatlast and Matthew Stephens.

Affordable Low Cost Local SEO Packages

Lojix offer affordable online marketing solutions and SEO packages for Wakefield businesses whether you want to target just local or national visitors to your website.

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Other services that we provide:

Web Design

Our professional web development team consists of a graphic designer who will ensure that your website looks great and uses all the latest visual strategies.

A developer who knows everything there is to know about coding.

A search engine optimisation expert and a team of professional writers.

Content Creation

Just as the visual aspects of your website are important content creation is so key to making sure your website is a success. Our team of professional writers will make sure that your marketing messages on your website come across perfectly to your potential customers.

Regular blogs on your site are also useful to keep your customers engaged and to also show your authority on your subject to the search engines.

Fully Outsourced Marketing Solutions

We can become your marketing department helping with all aspects of online and offline marketing. Services includes SEO, web development, social media and content marketing as well as brochure and creative designs.

What to expect from our SEO services…

Step 1

Our first step would be to audit your website to make sure everything is fine from a technical point of view. The audit also looks at content, site structure and Google webmaster tools.

Step 2
We will do a competitor analysis and keyword research and then formulate a plan for the next 6 months or so.
Step 3
We will help with website content and any issues that were flagged up in the SEO audit. If you continue to use your own web developer we may require assistance from them to sort out some issues. You will receive a monthly ranking report and possibly Google Analytics reports depending on what reporting we agree with you.
Step 4
We will review the campaign on a regular basis to ensure it is meeting your goals and performing well. Call us now on 01226 236449 to get your SEO campaign started!

Lojix are honest, approachable and transparent. A digital marketing agency, specialising in SEO, Google Ads and Digital PR

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Case Study - Suitsmen

Suitsmen came to us back in 2014 when they started to see an alarming drop in their Google organic rankings. We quickly established that their previous SEO company had been building low quality backlinks. Once these were disavowed and we got them some relevant and quality backlinks their rankings began to return.

We are still looking after their SEO and now also manage their Google Ads.


Google Partner

We are a Google Partner as you can verify by clicking on the image below:

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How Lojix can help your Business

Do you feel like you are best qualified to maximise the potential of your online presence? Are you confident and experienced in SEO, digital PR and website management? Do you consistently outrank your competitors in overall and local searches?

If the answer to any of these questions is no, then there is no doubt that Lojix can help your business grow and fulfil its true potential via a swathe of the most up to date full marketing solutions.

We can develop a potent SEO strategy

Trust is everything in the context of online business presence. Potential customers rarely browse past the first few hits on any given Google search, so making sure you feature is a primary concern for Lojix.

Encouraging customers to leave positive feedback on your Google listing is something you can do to yourself, but Lojix will be able to fully maximise your website for SEO, cleaning up the technical elements that Google values, while making your site faster and more user friendly, satisfying both human and digital browsers.

Within every one of our all-encompassing SEO campaigns is a local SEO focus. We understand the power of becoming the most important business in your own local area and we know exactly how to achieve this through targeted local SEO techniques.

Google Ads management

By managing your Google Ads account (previously Google AdWords), Lojix will be able to directly target the precise keywords most likely to bring potential leads to your site.

Attracting traffic is one thing, attracting the right traffic requires an altogether more sophisticated approach, and one in which Lojix excel. Our laser focused keyword research determines the best approach to attract the right visitors to your site.

One great tool to achieve this is developing paid search campaigns. This will allow you to find buyers who you would miss with organic SEO techniques.

Website audit

Lojix are not afraid of a complete website overhaul – in fact it is usually a vital part of our overall digital PR campaign to maximise the digital performance of our clients.

Over the years we have honed the necessary skills and kept abreast of the latest changes and developments required to perform the most efficient website auditing, encompassing both SEO and content revamping.

As part of the SEO audit we offer we will provide comprehensive keyword analysis, monitor the behaviour of visitors and conversions as well as optimise key meta data, images and videos for search engines.

The old adage ‘content is king’ still rings very true and Lojix are able to completely overhaul your content, ensuring your site is populated with original and inspiring articles and descriptions that will satisfy search engines and enthuse potential buyers at the same time.

One of the commonest problems many small and medium sized businesses have is that they underestimate the true potential of digital PR and their web presence when it comes to lead generation and business growth possibilities.

Given the chance Lojix can show you precisely what you’ve been missing and help your company to fully maximise its great potential.