SEO for Gaming Websites

Growing up in the 1980s, video gaming was always considered a little bit nerdy, a bit outsider and certainly didn’t exist bang in the mainstream. It’s hard to believe that now, with almost every house with kids in it (and many without) boasting one or more video consoles. The choice is quite staggering, with Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo leading the way. The new PlayStation and Xbox models are about to be released, pushing graphics and resolution even further into new territory, while PC gaming also remains incredibly robust. Talk to any parent of children over the age of eight and they’ll probably know all about Fortnite – the video game that has become the biggest in the world across platforms, while staples like Fifa and Rocket League remain immense and Football Manager dominating sports strategy gaming on the PC.

With the huge success and massive growth of video gaming, of course, there are a vast number of gaming websites, seeking to educate players, share strategies, host forums and even sell training or unique content. Search engines themselves also play a huge role in gaming and of course in the success of a given website, so it stands to reason that any gaming website looking to be a success will need to pay great attention to its SEO strategy in order to stand out from the crowd. So, here are some tips for SEO success in the gaming website world.

Decide on your niche and stick to it

In a field as crowded as the gaming website world it is important to focus in on a small niche and perfect it. There’s a far greater chance of success if you find a gap in the market and fill it with incredibly high quality, reliably timed content. Diluting your potency will only serve to see you lost in the wide, wide ocean of similar sites.

Know and nurture your community

For instance, if your website is based on Fortnite, you need to work towards satisfying quite a broad demographic. Fortnite does primarily attract a younger player, but there are many high profile footballers for instance, who have come out as Fortnite addicts. So, understand that you may need to vary your tone in order to appeal to different ages and you’ll have a better grasp of this particular community.

Video content rules

There is little that dominates gaming like video content. It’s easy to digest, helps gamers to latch onto a particular aesthetic and approach and helps content creators find their voice and niche. Providing high quality, regular video content is certainly the way to go for strong SEO performance.

Link-building via forums

NeoGAF, Gamefaqs, and Reddit are three examples of popular gaming forums. Linking your content into discussions is a great way to get quality backlinks and make users aware of your content.

Assess the competition

When starting out, one of the fundaments of understanding how to find your way is by analysing what makes your competition strong. Look at the best and some of the worst performing sites in your field and see what separates them. Spend plenty of time on this as it really will help you to understand the rules of the game!

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