Sales Lead Generation

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink and although this is somewhat of a cliché, it does apply in many ways to selling in the wide world of the internet business community.
Many sales lead generation ideas can fall at the last fence, in other words, making the lead a definite sale so you need to know the best way to use your time and marketing budget to the very best advantage. Social media is obviously the first idea that springs to mind, but many experts in the field are doubtful whether the quality of leads generated this way is really good enough to justify the number of hours needed to keep up a high social media presence.
There are other options, which all deserve investigation and most businesses will find the one that suits them best after only a little experimentation. Using a lead generation company takes all the hard work off your shoulders so unless you are really an expert, it is best to leave it to those who know the field inside out.
Word of mouth – digital-style!
Since the first person sold an item or service to another, word of mouth has been the most important way of spreading the word about your business and this is no less true in the world of online selling. By setting up a system whereby your happy customers can refer friends and colleagues – especially if you add an incentive – you will have an ever-growing circle of customers who will bring in more. Think ripples – but bigger and easier to control.
Content, content, content!
Anyone who uses digital marketing is probably tired of hearing how important content is but there is no getting around it – it really doesn’t matter how wonderful your product is, if the buyers don’t get to your site because bad content has kept it ranking low or if, when they get there, they don’t hang around to see what you and your service or item are all about, you won’t get leads and you won’t get sales. That’s the bottom line and it needs addressing if you are finding that traffic is slow to your site.
Use an expert to help you make your SEO, SEM and PPC are all earning their keep – doing it right is the only way worth doing it, so if you feel that you are being let down by your content, look at it again. And again, and again, until you have it right. Along with this, you should also make sure that anything you are sending out as email shots are hitting the mark. A company such as Emedia will help you ensure that your content is email friendly – forget printed media, straight to the inbox is the way forward.
Lead generation software can make all the difference
You’re busy. Your staff are busy and with the best will in the world, leads will sometimes get missed, no matter how well you try to organise your day. Using the right kind of lead generation software will make sure you never miss a lead again and it won’t be long before you see a real increase in conversions. Lead generation companies such as Lead Forensics can watch your traffic for you and make sure you miss nothing. Having a real time analysis of who is visiting you, how long they stay and the outcome of each visit will help you decide which strategies are working best for you, so you can put money, time and energy into the successful lead generating areas and not in the ones which aren’t working for you.
That’s what friends are for
All businesses have to live out there in the marketplace and there is no point in putting yourself on a pedestal and ignoring the others. Although some will be direct competitors, others will be tangential to your market and sharing marketing pushes with them, with traffic going in both directions will help everyone. If you sell bread, team with a butter seller – obviously that is a very simple example, but if you can find the butter (or jam) seller to your ‘bread’ and work together, you will soon see results.