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Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

If you are going to have a go at marketing your own website online then these are a few tips that might help save you some time and money.

1. Paid Advertising

Pay per click advertising services such as Google Adwords and Bing Adcentre are probably the quickest way of getting people to your website. However if they are not done properly they can cost you lots of money for not a lot in return. You need to be aware of things like keyword types. A Broad match keyword type means that your advert will be shown for lots of different keywords that the search engine associates with your target keyword. This means that potentially your advert is being displayed for something that you don't want. Broad match keywords usually bring you the most amount of traffic to your site so they can be good but if you do use broad match keywords you must monitor your campaign very closely and add negative keywords on a regular basis to stop your advert from being displayed for keywords not relevant to your business.

2. Website Content and Blogging 

The biggest thing to avoid here is copying someone else's content. Do this and you may get penalised or even banned from the search results. Why would the search engines want to show your website if it is full of content that they are already displaying on another site.

3. Ecommerce Websites

If you are going to set up an online store then the duplicate content issue I have mentioned above also applies to using manufacturers descriptions of products. If all you are going to do is pay a web designer to create you a website and then get them to upload all the  products exactly as you have been given by your supplier then you need to forget about search engine optimisation (SEO). The search engines are not going to list you at the top of their search listings unless you give them a good reason which is interesting and unique content.

4. The Hard Sell

If you offer a service then one of the best ways of selling your services is actually by not selling! Some of the most successful blogs on the internet are ones that give away lots of free advice. This way you build up a relationship with people who at some point may need your help.

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