New Google Webmaster Tools Search Analytics

Today, Wednesday 6th May 2015, I am seeing a new look to the Search Analytics data in my Google webmaster tools account and I like what I see. It says that it is currently in Beta but some of the changes include adding when a Google update has been done. I presume that they will just show major updates.
new google webmaster tools look
You also have more control over how the data is presented. This includes being able to split the data very easily by device so you can quickly see for example whether the visits from mobile devices are going up or down. You can also split the data by type, so you can now see whether someone clicked on your website, an image or one of your videos.
Other features include better date range comparisons of your statistics. You can also view the visits by country.
I appreciate that you can already get this information from Google Analytics but I find Google webmaster tools or Google Search Console as it is now known easier to use and it gives better keyword data.
Of course if you don’t like the new look you can click on a link to view your data in the old way. Personally I like the new look.