My Favourite WordPress Plugins

I am a big fan of WordPress because I find it easy to use yet at the same it is a very powerful platform. You can use it as a blog, brochure style website, content management systems and for e-commerce sites.
Wordpress plugins make it easy to add functionality and make admin tasks easier. There are something like 40,000 registered plugins available so it can be difficult to wade through them to find which are best for your requirements.
Here are just a few of my favourite WordPress plugins.

1. SEO Yoast

Obviously with Lojix being a digital marketing company offering SEO this has to be my number one.
Features include an XML Sitemap that we recommend you use and add to your Google webmaster tools account, SEO titles so you can experiment with different keywords without changing the post name. SEO Yoast also helps you to stop pages being cached by the search engines that could potentially harm your rankings.

2. Lead Forensics

The Lead Forensics plugin is a new plugin that allows you to easily identify people that have been on your website. It helps your sales team to close more sales.

3. Google Analytics

Google offer this as a free tool that tracks visits to your website. You are able to see where people are searching from, what they device they used and how they got to you i.e. organic search, paid search, social, direct or referral
The Google Analytics by Yoast makes it easy to install the Google code required to track this information.

4. Related Posts

This can help improve your bounce rate by suggesting other similar posts to your readers, hopefully keeping them on your site longer.

5. Jetpack

There is probably more to Jetpack than what we use it for which is to easily publish posts to social media. Have a look here and see all the features that Jetpack offers.

6. Askimet

This plugin helps to keep your comment spam down. There are more than 1 million active installs of the Askimet plugin.

7. Woocommerce

There are many e-commerce plugins for WordPress but the Woocommerce plugin is what we usually use. It is easy to install, configure and gives good reporting.