What marketing trends can we expect in 2017?

We believe that lead generation strategies will continue to gather momentum in 2017 and companies such as Lead Forensics who are the leading lead generation software company on the market will continue to grow at a rapid pace. But what else can we expect in 2017, in terms of the finer details in the approach to an ever-shifting online marketing world?
Video Advertising:
While video advertising online is, of course, already an established trend, 2017 should see its emergence as one of the absolute staples of all marketing campaigns. While social channels like YouTube, social networking sites like Facebook and Bing and many other outlets already give marketers a plethora of video advertising possibilities, search engine giants Google are finally gearing up for in-SERP video advertising. This is a vital indicator that users are becoming less averse to video ads, partly as a result of the speeding up of mobile devices and broadband. With Google being owners of YouTube, this is another very important factor.
Digital Assistants will herald a new kind of SEO
Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are already immensely attractive strategies for advertisers looking to increase site visibility for many new visitors. However, in 2017 and moving forward digital assistants will becoming increasingly pervasive in SEO, resulting in a new, more evolved kind of optimisation. Such digital assistants as Cortana or Siri will use traditional search engines, but not exclusively and only when it is vital to access key information. The crux of this new format is ensuring that your vital business information is easily accessible to the digital assistants, as opposed to pre-existing strategy that involves funnelling visitors to your site directly.
Content Marketing
A whole roundup piece could be written about all the unique content marketing trends that will burst through in 2017, such is its pivotal role in strategy. Journalistic algorithms, while still in relative infancy are already capable of coming up with simple articles and much investment is likely to pour into this sector as content can be an expensive business, time-consuming business. Visual forms of content are likely to continue to rise in prevalence as time continues to shrink in the global world, while interactive content will also receive much more attention as the demand for and relevance of individually tailored content continues to grow unabated.
The global domination of Mobile
2016 was an incredible year for mobile technology. Google announced that traffic on mobile devices overtook desktop traffic in no less than 10 different countries. On top of this 2016 has seen the so-called Mobilegeddon algorithm update targeting sites that are not mobile-ready and punishing them with low rankings. 2017 will likely see many sites focusing solely on mobile compatibility rather than parallel sites for both desktop and mobile. The intelligent money is definitely best placed on a mobile-focused online marketing world going forward.
The Beginning of App Domination
While Google has offered possibilities in app indexing for some time, the ranking potential for apps has become ever more complicated. 2017 should see business owners begin to understand the vast online visibility potential opened up by having a dedicated app. Mobile optimised sites will be vital for targeting the unabated surge in mobile users but it is surely a matter of time before apps begin to replace them as they can be more intuitive, interactive and accessible. The replacing of mobile sites with apps is a long time away, but foundations must be laid and 2017 will see many more companies take the plunge in app investment.