Lead Generation

An introduction to lead generation

Everybody hates a cold caller; that is something we all have in common.

Having potential customers ring you rather than you having to try calling them has to be good, yes? This is where Lead Generation comes in.

Lead generation is not about harassment it’s about positioning your business so that people find your website and come to you. So basically marketing your website for what people are searching for on the internet.

That is where we come in. We are lead generation specialists offering tailor made packages of affordable SEO solutions, Pay per click campaign management, digital PR and content marketing all working together to ensure your website gets the online presence required to increase your sales/leads.

To the layperson, if you say you can create lead generation content for their website, they may baulk at the coldness of the terminology, which really doesn’t do the work justice. If, rather, you say something along the lines of,

“Our role involves finding unusual and innovative ways to attract people to your business. We aim to offer enough sweeteners to pique their interest and get your brand into their consciousness.”

That is the crux of lead generation and should ring truer with those it can help. It is essentially the equivalent of old school sales-person patter for the online generation. It is a way of setting people on a path that will see them inevitably ending up a consumer of a certain product or service. Lead generation lays down a one-way street to your tills or offices, but there are pitfalls and as with anything there are good and bad lead generation specialists.


We offer affordable SEO and content marketing to help improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. We build sites that gain authority and relevancy to drive traffic. 

PPC Management

PPC campaigns with a long-term strategy to deliver conversions quickly giving your business a healthy and measurable return on your investment (ROI).

Digital PR

Build your brand awareness with our Digital Marketing & PR solutionss mentioning your business on blogs, social media and press releases.

Lojix are honest, approachable and transparent. A digital marketing agency, specialising in SEO, Google Ads and Digital PR

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Our lead generation services uses a combination of SEO, digital PR, Content Marketing and PPC to drive targeted visits to your website.

The aim of the lead generation game is taking control of your marketing and channelling it in a direction that doesn’t see hours and hours wasted on people who really have no intention of using your product. Being able to convert ready-to-buy prospects before your competitors even get the chance to make contact should be enough to convince even the thriftiest of companies that online lead generation need be an obligatory part of their marketing campaign.

Lojix – A Lead Generation Company

Lojix - digital marketing agency Leeds

Case Study - Suitsmen

Suitsmen came to us back in 2014 when they started to see an alarming drop in their Google organic rankings. We quickly established that their previous SEO company had been building low quality backlinks. Once these were disavowed and we got them some relevant and quality backlinks their rankings began to return.

We are still looking after their SEO and now also manage their Google Ads.


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