How to Choose the Best Website Design Company in Leeds

There are some universal truths to choosing the best website design company, irrespective of geographical location. These will of course be looked at in this article, which will also offer some unique tips on how to go about finding the very best website design company in the Leeds area.

Choosing a website design company can feel like a daunting task, but as long as you keep in mind your desired outcomes, the areas you feel you need the most support in and follow some of these key tips you should be on the right track.

Most important factors in choosing a website design company

  • Are they good listeners?

You definitely want to test the waters by having an in-depth conversation with prospective suitors before making a judgement. Your instinct is your friend, here. If you get on with the people involved and get a good feeling from them, you are likely to be on the right track.

  • Do they have fresh ideas?

You want to come off the phone, or out of the meeting feeling like they have their finger on the pulse, have exciting and easy to implement ideas that will make a real, tangible and measurable difference to your business.

  • Are they experienced?

Youthful exuberance is one thing, but experience with proven results will get you much further. Ideally want a website design company that is also experienced in digital marketing, content creation and SEO. That way you can have a seamless transmission from the creation of your site to its longer term management. Ideally they should have experience in your field, but at least they should be able to understand the nature of your business and its unique challenges.

  • Do they use responsive design?

The idea of responsive design and its application is here to stay. Even Google recognises this. Alongside responsive design you also want to make sure that your website design company fully understands the importance of having a distinct version of the site for mobile use. Optimised sites for mobile are absolutely crucial.

Let’s take a look at some tips unique to the Leeds area. Firstly, take Rory Flynn as an example. Rory is a freelance website designer based in Leeds and just a cursory look over his homepage will help you tick some of these important boxes. Rory outlines how he uses responsive web design, advertises his understanding of the importance of digital marketing and presents a comprehensive portfolio showcasing some of his successfully completed projects.

There would, of course, be great merit in getting in touch with local businesses that have first-hand dealings with your shortlist of potential website design companies. For Rory Flynn, for instance you could get in touch with the Wedding String Quartet and Richardson Decorating for their insights, while having a look, of course at just how professional the work on these very different sites is. This pseudo private detective work is made much easier thanks to the importance of testimonials and Google reviews and just a handful of unanimously positive reports can really set your mind at ease and offer a great insight into what to expect.

Leeds is a city of great growth and relative prosperity, so there are no shortage of options when it comes to potential website design companies. Take your time, make contact with them and investigate those testimonials before making an informed decision.