Google Disavow Link Tool

What is the Google Disavow Link Tool?
The Google Disavow Link tool allows web masters to exclude low quality links from their site that they currently have no control over. This means that if a site is found to have low quality links that are outside the control of the site owner or web master, using the Google disavow link tool can stop these links being taken into account when Google is assessing the site.

How does the Google Disavow Link Tool Work?

Google may have sent you a message to tell you that unnatural links have been found on your site and you need to have the links removed. This is because low quality links are detrimental to your placing in search engine listings as according to Google they undermine the site’s credibility.
You can then upload the disavow link tool and upload a text file of all the links that you want Google to ignore. You can also include comments about other steps you have taken to have the links removed.
Once you’ve created a file with your low quality links, Google will treat it as a strong suggestion. In other words they won’t guarantee that the links you requested will be ignored or removed.
To help webmasters decide which links should be investigated you can download a list of your most recent links from your Google webmaster tools account, so if you receive a message alerting you to poor links, it’s likely they’ll be on the list.
As the tool is developed Google intent to send examples of your poor links with their email alert, bu don’t plan to include a comprehensive list of links that should be removed.

Should I use the Google Disavow Link Tool?

In a recent Youtube Video (above), Google’s matt Cutts explains that site owners and web masters should make every effort to contact the people responsible for low quality links on their site to have them removed before considering using the disavow link tool. At present, Google recommend that the disavow link tool is for competent users only and that using the tool should be approached with caution as a mistake could harm your rankings. In addition, it’s recommended that all site backlinks are audited before using the tool and that it is not used on internal links.
In a recent backlink audit of our own website we came across a listing in what looked like a low quality directory, which we hadn’t submitted to, requesting money for our link to be removed.  We reported this to the Google Webmaster forum and the response was to disavow the link or the entire domain. So it shows that is does actually pay to be proactive and do a backlink audit every so often.
If you’d like to know more about whether you need the Google Disavow Link Tool and how your site could be developed to improve your Google listings then get in touch with us today to find out more.