Is Google Carousel Coming to the UK?

You may have heard all about Google Carousel and about how useful and incredibly important it is for local businesses, but at this point in time it is only available in the good old USA. However there are hints and rumours that point to this extra dimension of Google being made available elsewhere in the near future, and that includes us in the UK. This article will discuss exactly why this tool has changed the ways that local businesses have been able to increase their revenue and how the same could soon be happening over here.
What is Google Carousel?
All business owners are aware of how important it is to have a visibility on the internet, and particularly when someone is using the search engine. Millions have been spent on optimising the SEO element of individual businesses with some fantastic returns. But when an individual is only interested in finding a local business for their required product or service via Google, this can be somewhat challenging. However, Google Carousel has seemingly changed this forever. As long as the business in question takes the time to claim their Googles Places listings, they will appear on the ‘local carousel’. As the local businesses pop up on the screen, the user can then select the specific establishment for more detailed information.
Why is it only available in the USA?
Since June 2013, this Google extension has been made available to the USA and parts of Canada. The rest of the world has simply been made to wait until they receive an invitation to join this excellent opportunity for local business owners. The mission statement regarding this development reads like this – ‘Organise the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. You may be wondering if the USA is ‘the world’ and you would have a very good point. Essentially, Google is an American business and where better a place to test this development before letting it loose on the rest of the world? In fact, only about 10% of USA’s businesses were included on this extension until recently.
Will it come here soon?
As we’ve already mentioned, Carousel is still in the start-up stage, even though the gossip suggests that things are moving very swiftly indeed. Although there can be no guarantees in the world of technology, it is fairly certain that we will soon be seeing Google Carousel in the UK. Funnily enough, various local attractions are already showing up on the Carousel search results.
How will Google Carousel help UK local businesses?
The most obvious benefit of Google Carousel will be that local businesses will pop up when the appropriate keywords are entered into the search engine. This appears in the Carousel panel as well as a local map (heatmap) highlighting these concerns. The visible factor is a very strong draw and tests have already suggested that the Carousel option results attract about 48% of the searcher’s desire for further knowledge on the business itself. Interestingly enough, the heatmap is only getting 10% of their further attention by comparison.
How to join Google Carousel?
Once this Google extension is officially available in the UK, adding your business to the mix will be vital. You’ll need to follow these easy steps to maximise your business’s potential thereafter:

  • Complete a Google + profile for your business.
  • Add some up to date photos, they’ll need to be top quality.
  • Collate as many great reviews as possible and add to your profile.
  • Utilise the best SEO methods for the Google search engine tool.

Good times on the horizon?
Well, hopefully this will be the case for all UK businesses that get into the swing of things with Google Carousel. Just think about the way that most individuals are now using Smartphones and tablets for everyday functionality. The visible thumbnail that Google Carousel is going to produce will certainly fit those handheld devices far better than 40 or 50 words of text. Just ensure that you do not hang about when this exciting Google extension becomes available over here.