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Lojix offer a range of digital marketing services including search engine optimisation (SEO), Pay per click management and full PR and marketing services designed to improve your Google rankings and increase business.


Most businesses both large and small understand the need for digital marketing these days. It is a rare business owner who can write good SEO content without the help of a dedicated marketing agency and although it can be argued that DIY SEO is free this argument is spurious; it may seem to cost nothing but the results are likely to be so poor that in fact the cost is incalculable – the business will at best fail to thrive, at worst, it will go under.

What to expect from our Digital Marketing Services services…


Step 1

Our first step would be to audit your website to make sure everything is fine from a technical point of view. The audit also looks at content, site structure and Google webmaster tools.

Step 2
We will do a competitor analysis and keyword research and then formulate a digital marketing plan for the next 6 months or so.
Step 3
We will help with website content and any issues that were flagged up in the SEO audit. If you continue to use your own web developer we may require assistance from them to sort out some issues. You will receive a monthly ranking report and possibly Google Analytics reports depending on what reporting we agree with you.
Step 4
We will review the campaign on a regular basis to ensure it is meeting your goals and performing well. Call us now on 01226 236449 to get your Digital Marketing campaign started!

Lojix are honest, approachable and transparent. A digital marketing agency, specialising in SEO, Google Ads and Digital PR

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We recommend doing both SEO and Google Ads to drive relevant visitors to your website. Our comprehensive range of affordable SEO packages are specifically designed to meet the needs of all website types and platforms. Our digital marketing packages provide customers with a blend of the most up-to-date online marketing techniques, including a mix of Google Ad campaigns and search engine optimisation that gives customers increased traffic to their website.

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