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Digital Marketing Agency

Most businesses both large and small understand the need for digital marketing these days.

Digital marketing agency Barnsley, Sheffield, LeedsIt is a rare business owner who can write good SEO content without the help of a dedicated marketing agency and although it can be argued that DIY SEO is free this argument is spurious; it may seem to cost nothing but the results are likely to be so poor that in fact the cost is incalculable – the business will at best fail to thrive, at worst, it will go under.

Case studies make things clearer

It isn’t always easy for people unfamiliar with the digital marketing concept to grasp just what the effects can be on their business. Select Recording Studios in London have been customers of Lojix for less than three years and came to us because their website was just not getting through to their customer base. They had stuck on page 2 or 3 with their keywords, which included the obvious choices such as ‘recording studio in London’ and ‘London recording studios’, as might be expected.

Lojix offered them an affordable seo package which started as usual with a full SEO audit of their website. A results driven digital marketing strategy is about more than simply including some keywords, so we also improved their meta tags and suggested how they might make their blogs more interesting. It is still a common mistake that people make when blogging that a list of keywords randomly strung together is the way forward – if the blog is boring or badly written, people won't stay to read more and, more importantly, it will lose in the rankings when the Google bots get to work. By removing low quality content, Lojix digital marketing agency upped the studio’s rankings to a very satisfactory page 1 – it doesn’t get better than that!

But it’s not just all about content

Although many shops and service providers nowadays don’t have physical shops, working entirely online, the Bowls Shop in Nottingham have not decided to go down this route. They have been in business as a shop for twenty years but have only recently started trading online. Although they have seen sales slowly increase, they wanted to see if they could be even better if they used a digital marketing agency and their website designer recommended us here at Lojix. In October 2014 we started work, running two Google Ads campaigns, one to target the main adverts and one to target the Google shopping results specifically. Their SEO also needed attention and we have improved their organic search listings – after only four months, their online sales were up by over 300 per cent and as far as we can see, the sky is the limit for them now they have a results driven marketing strategy in place.

Don’t rest on your laurels

The two cases above are just examples and you may feel that they don’t match your particular needs, but there isn’t a single business out in the marketplace that wouldn’t benefit from the services of a digital marketing agency. Time is money in business and why do something (badly) yourself when, for a modest fee, you can have experts do it for you? Although it seems cheaper when you have no outlay to make, if your work takes you away from running the business and then, after all that effort, it doesn’t bear any fruit, you have in fact cost yourself a lot of money in lost sales.

Digital marketing is a very complex process, consisting of the best placement of Google Ads, for example, to get the most bang for your buck. If you have only a small budget, it is vital to make every penny count and this is where a dedicated and experienced digital marketing agency pays such dividends; they know what to place where and more clicks convert to sales. So just because your website has always been ‘okay’ in the past, don’t just leave it languishing on page 4 or worse – drag it up to page 1, where the successful businesses live!

No one just has one device any more – make sure your website can cope

If your website hasn’t been upgraded for a while you could be missing out on a huge market out there. Not many people do all their shopping on a desk top PC these days – at the very least they use a tablet or laptop but smartphones are the device that any online business should be targeting. Digital marketing needs to look across all the ways that people access the internet and websites need to be smartphone friendly – when someone types in your business sector into their phone when they are out and about you want them to find you fast.

It doesn’t matter how far up the rankings you are; in the world of digital marketing, success is in the hands of the person with the fastest website. It may be an indictment of the times we live in but it is important to face facts – no one wants to wait more than a few seconds for anything and certainly not when looking for a website, an event or a location. So if your website struggles to load on a hand held device of any kind, forget it – the back button will be swiftly employed and your potential client will go somewhere else.

Lojix digital marketing agency can advise you on how to maximise your website’s potential – not all changes have to be big; they just have to be right and with Lojix you will know that they will only tweak where tweaks are necessary. Apart from anything else, we believe in the mantra – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But if it is broke – you’ve come to the right place!