Content, Content, Content!

Content and website population presents one heck of a conundrum to all and sundry because the days of stuffing content full of key words and hoping for a ranking boost are (thankfully) a distant memory. But of course with workloads not easing up in any businesses any time soon and time prioritised to giving exemplary customer service, innovating new products and improving existing ones, social media, and other forms of marketing, how on earth can you find time to write clever, incisive and relevant articles on a regular basis?
It need not necessarily be the 20 hours plus a week headache that it promises to be at first glance as there are plenty of options that can be explored to give you the chance to provide premium content without devoting premium hours. Firstly there are some very good freelance writers out there who can provide quality content for a great price, freeing up your valuable time to get on with your role in keeping the business ticking. Of course this advice can apply equally to marketers out there hired to provide content for various companies. Chances are that you are being asked to provide impossible numbers of articles. In a recent study 70% percent of B2B marketers reported that they are creating more content this year (in comparison to last year).
Of course marketers are spending more time on content because it works for them, which in turn means it is working for their clients. It is clear that moving forward content is of paramount importance.
Efficiency in writing content
When it comes to speeding up but not dumbing down, there are a few tricks in the content world that can really help (aside from the aforementioned delegation). You can and should choose to feature a percentage of curated content articles. In terms of time taken to produce and results yielded, one of the very best types of content is curated content. In essence it involves finding a pre-existing piece that you’d like to feature and placing it (with references) on your site alongside a smaller amount of original content.
Everybody does this. A recent study showed 82% of marketers use curated content, with about a quarter of the average marketer’s content being represented by curated content. A staggering 47% of all clicks on social media has been found to be on curated content, illustrating not only its pervasiveness but also its efficacy.
Why curate?
We’ve already been through cost effectiveness and speed, but also curated content can be better, perhaps owing a great deal to the fact that others have spent more time on it than you can justify. Curated content also enables marketers and content providers to slip outside their comfort zone and branch out with tangential articles that help boost readership. Curated content has the added potential advantage of opening symbiotic relationships between content providers as an effective piece of curated content will serve to redirect traffic to your linked sources.
Types of effective curated content
There are a whole host of different types of curated content that all have a role to play and include:

  • Definitive guides on a relevant topic. This is one of the most popular types of curated content.
  • An introduction to successful webinars on a given subject. The role of webinars is becoming ever more important.
  • This is where you can blend your own pearls of wisdom with curated content in providing a list of the ‘top ten X’.
  • Stories from customers. Feedback and consumer reviews are BIG in the content world and the more of them you can feature, the better.

A vital tip to finish with…Always review any content that you plan to curate for appropriateness and any problematic or conflicting statements.