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Content, Content, Content!

Content and website population presents one heck of a conundrum to all and sundry because the days of stuffing content full of key words and hoping for a ranking boost are (thankfully) a distant memory. (more…)
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Google Authorship Has Been Dropped

Google has recently dropped the ability for authors of web articles to link themselves through the articles to their Google+ profile. The functionality had been introduced in 2011 and many people liked the fact that an author image and other information was shown wherever they put their authorship details. (more…)
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Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Content marketing is an element that a small business just must get right, but it is important to remember the ‘small’ bit because the strategy that will work for a large company with a well-established track record is unlikely to be a good choice for a company that is new to the market or only…
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What is Content Marketing?

Those who are in the know say that 2013 was the year of content marketing, and that’s as maybe, but what exactly is content marketing? We’ll discuss what is meant by that phrase and explain why 2013 was so prominent for this form of product and service promotion and what 2014 has in store also.…
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Why is Content Marketing Important?

Advertising is no longer as easy as it once was – a well-produced and placed TV ad was once a sure-fire way of getting a product to a customer base but with technology moving on to make most households able to skip ads in programming, this is no longer the case. The same applies to…
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Beginners Guide to Content Marketing

If you are fairly new to the world of content marketing and the whole plethora of techniques and methodologies that go under this banner, you have come to the right place. This article will break down the whole thought process that is behind this incredibly successful marketing strategy and will explain the way that you…
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A Content Marketing Strategy to Take Your Business to Another Level

Content marketing is a growing market and many businesses both large and small are starting blogs, websites and online magazines. In fact, content marketing is nothing new, but the technology now available makes it much easier to do and this is why the idea is taking off and heading for the stars. (more…)
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