Boost Your Online Marketing by Using These Apps

Social media marketing has become one of the most useful tools for businesses that are looking to increase their customer base. With most business people using social sites like Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook, it’s important to try some new apps that will help you have an advantage over your competitors. The following is a list of some of the useful tools you can use to boost your brand:


Leadfeeder is a useful tool that helps in analyzing traffic on social media. This business to business tool enables marketers to keep track of their website visitors so that they can target them even on social media. The Leadfeeder links to the Google Analytics account so that it can apply the data to create lead for you. With this tool, you are able to re-target your website visitors without necessarily enlisting the assistance of your webmaster. By analyzing social media sites, you will be able to tell which companies have shown interest in your site. This tool goes beyond just showing you who visited your website; it suggests to you the person you can contact on LinkedIn who is a member of the given company.


This app has some similarities to Facebook Live, but it has more advantages. Livestream enables you to invite people who have liked your page and those who have not to an event. This means that you get to reach out to an unlimited number of social media users. The tool is more effective for businesses that usually hold seminars, company awards and conferences. You are able to engage with viewers when they comment to an event that is happening live. This will definitely attract more people to your website because people always want to know more about something that is interesting to them.


It’s good to put real data behind every marketing hashtag because you never know who is following. With Hashtagify, you are able to match important data with your hashtags. The app also helps you to know which product or topic your Instagram followers or audience likes more. Instead of capturing a small number of clients, this app helps you create multiple hashtags that link to the kind of products or services you offer.


The ShortStack app makes marketing easier for businesses that use their Facebook pages to conduct various campaigns for their brands. This app helps in coming up with attractive campaign pages through the use of blank pages or templates. Once you have professionally designed your pages, it will be easier to have many people participating in your campaign