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Is Google Carousel Coming to the UK?

You may have heard all about Google Carousel and about how useful and incredibly important it is for local businesses, but at this point in time it is only available in the good old USA. However there are hints and rumours that point to this extra dimension of Google being made available elsewhere in the…
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Google Adwords – Remarketing

These days all kinds of small, medium and large businesses make use of Pay Per Click Advertising, or AdWords as it’s more commonly known if you are advertising on Google. However, many firms simply don’t take advantage of all the ‘little extras’ on offer when you start an AdWords campaign that can make a big difference to your…
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Optimising your Landing Page to Increase AdWords Conversions

It’s not uncommon for small and medium sized businesses to have a professional AdWords campaign. It’s not unusual for many SMEs to pay for an expertly designed website and professional SEO campaign. It is, however, more unusual for SME owners to take a holistic approach to their marketing and ensure that each element is aligned…
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Google Disavow Link Tool

What is the Google Disavow Link Tool? The Google Disavow Link tool allows web masters to exclude low quality links from their site that they currently have no control over. This means that if a site is found to have low quality links that are outside the control of the site owner or web master,…
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