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SEO Tools You Need to Succeed

The world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools can be a difficult one to navigate, with many competing tools of varying quality all competing for attention. SEO tool creation has increasingly become a crowded niche, (more…)
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5 Reasons you need Professional SEO

If you’ve got a commercial website and you aren’t using search engine optimisation services, you could be missing out on important business and harming your chances of success. (more…)
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5 Ways to Boost Sales from your Ecommerce Website

So you thought all you had to do was to get a website and you would immediately start selling online! Actually these days it isn’t difficult to either set up your own website using Wordpress and an ecommerce plugin such as Woocommerce or (more…)
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16 Clever Lead Generation Tips for Your Small Business

What do we mean by lead generation? Before leaping into our impressive list of lead generation tips it is imperative that we’re all on the same page as to the definition of a ‘lead’. Every ‘lead’ is actually an individual at a company that has expressed an interest into the services and products offered by…
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SEO Derby

Lojix currently help a number of businesses in the Derby area including Midbrook Steel Buildings, Bradfields, The Bowls Shop and Suits Men. We provide SEO and PPC management solutions at affordable prices. (more…)
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Boost Your Online Marketing by Using These Apps

Social media marketing has become one of the most useful tools for businesses that are looking to increase their customer base. With most business people using social sites like Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook, it's important to try some new apps that will help you have an advantage over your competitors. The following is a…
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Content, Content, Content!

Content and website population presents one heck of a conundrum to all and sundry because the days of stuffing content full of key words and hoping for a ranking boost are (thankfully) a distant memory. (more…)
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My Favourite WordPress Plugins

I am a big fan of Wordpress because I find it easy to use yet at the same it is a very powerful platform. You can use it as a blog, brochure style website, content management systems and for e-commerce sites. Wordpress plugins make it easy to add functionality (more…)
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Key Online Mobile Marketing Techniques of 2015

1: The growth of mobile customer service Top businesses are increasingly turning to dedicated mobile apps for their customer service platform – an unsurprising move considering the huge growth in the use of mobile apps for all sorts of services across the board. Of course this is designed to facilitate swift contact between customers and…
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