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How Digital PR can help your Brand

So, you’re looking for fresh, innovative ways to boost awareness of your brand and have stumbled across the idea of using digital PR but don’t want to commit before fully understanding just how digital PR can boost your brand. You’ve come to the right place. An introduction to the concept of digital PR Digital PR…
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A beginner’s guide to Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is an excellent free tool that helps users improve the performance of their website across search engines. Through the mechanisms of GSC users will be able to gauge the efficacy of their website and highlight areas for improvement. It is pretty straightforward to use and is regularly updated to streamline performance.…
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Business Cost Cutting Ideas for 2019

How and when exactly Brexit happens is still up in the air, but with greater uncertainty comes greater caution in most markets, with many people keeping their money in their bank accounts and pockets anticipating and preparing for the worst. It stands to very good reason, therefore that UK businesses should plan in a similar…
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5 lead generation tips to boost your B2B marketing

Lead Generation software is making a huge difference to the sales and services take-up of small businesses all over the world but there are some tips which, if followed, can make a bigger difference still. Ever since the internet became an integral part of the advertising budget of so many firms, the goalposts have been…
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How to do an SEO Audit

It would be entirely reasonable to assume that an SEO audit is something that requires the contracting of a team of über nerds, able to speak to computers a la Doctor Doolittle with the animals. Of course, should your resources permit it, getting expert help is never a bad idea, but with some simple guidance…
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Sales Lead Generation

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink and although this is somewhat of a cliché, it does apply in many ways to selling in the wide world of the internet business community. Many sales lead generation ideas can fall at the last fence, in other words, making the lead a definite…
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Beginners Guide to Google Webmaster Tools

Firstly for anyone that doesn’t know what Google webmaster tools (GWMT) is it is a free toolset provided by Google that allows you to see what Google thinks of your website and allows you to communicate with Google albeit via automated systems. There are many statistics available through the use of GWMT that will help…
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Ranking Factors for Local SEO

Most small to medium sized businesses can be classified in one way or another as a ‘local business’. Many businesses erroneously assume that the need for digital marketing on a local level is eradicated by local advertisements, word of mouth or simply footfall and efficient signage. The truth of the matter is that you can…
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Essential tips for B2B marketing success

With digital marketing and social media changing on a virtual daily basis, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with recent trends and new ways of connecting with potential clients. This is truly an age of digital selling, with every aspect of sales and marketing done online and virtually nothing done in person. Although it can be difficult to…
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Drive traffic, generate leads and sales and increase ROI

No more nonsense Search engines are getting more and more intelligent year on year and gone are the days when website managers could get away with churning out content stuffed with keywords to an extent that the articles themselves were unreadable. It’s all about the reader We will provide content that stimulates the reader while…
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Quick Start Guide to Online Lead Generation

There is simply no overstating the significance of online lead generation for all companies looking to enhance their B2B strategy. Nobody likes a company who relies on bullying potential customers and those who would have no intention of becoming a potential customer through a bombardment of telemarketing calls. Without garnering intelligent leads a company can…
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How will GDPR affect my website?

Unless you’ve been in hiding from tech talk, the chances are that you will have heard the acronym GDPR being bandied about in hushed tones and almost certainly with anxious looks from website owners. And yet the chances are equally high that you are none the wiser as to just what GDPR actually is and…
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How to Redesign a new Website and keep SEO

Spring cleaning is not restricted to the home. The virtual world needs it as much as the tangible, physical one. It is all too easy to become comfortable with your existing website, as humans are, in essence, creatures of habit and like an old armchair, we can become attached to a website, no matter how…
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Why Your Traffic Dropped after a Website Redesign

Designing a new website is a fantastic idea and you could sit in front of your computer marvelling at what a fine job the design team and you have done to get everything looking so shiny and new. It could be brim-full of spectacularly simple but effective calls to action, as smooth and readable as…
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Online Digital PR – The Basics

What is the idea of Digital PR? Digital PR and digital marketing agencies focus on the online visibility of their clients’ businesses. This involves understanding Google and other search engines. This means keeping up with the ever-shifting rules of engagement in the game, because what counted as a good Digital PR strategy five years ago…
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