5 lead generation tips to boost your B2B marketing

Lead Generation software is making a huge difference to the sales and services take-up of small businesses all over the world but there are some tips which, if followed, can make a bigger difference still. Ever since the internet became an integral part of the advertising budget of so many firms, the goalposts have been changing almost daily and so it pays to keep ahead of the field. Lead generation software helps to pinpoint who visits a site and all kinds of add-on information can be gleaned, such as how long they stay on each page, what their browsing pattern is and – very importantly – whether they come back for more. If they are not converting to a sale, they can then be targeted with further marketing, but it needn’t end there.
Tip #1 – Offer a relevant and enticing incentive
Incentives have been around since the first sale ever took place but the important thing nowadays is to make sure they are appropriate to your site and your product. Not many people get excited about a free mug with the name of your business on the side – even the busiest office has a cupboard full of mugs and no one wants another. Make sure that the incentive being offered will make the potential client convert to a sale by making a percentage off the final price offer – this could be a voucher for a second purchase, or a discount off a specific service. Offering future benefits also is good practice, as it makes a customer into a repeat customer – think of it as the ‘free coffee after every ten purchases’ kind of offer in the High Street. If your market is a crowded one, it could tip the balance in your favour.
Tip #2 – Take some time to check out your website
Your website may be lovely to look at and may even have cost a packet, but if you find that clients and customers are getting only so far and then not progressing or simply wandering away, there may be something intrinsically wrong with it. Check it out as if you know nothing about your product or service and see if there is an obvious sticking point – sometimes it can be simply an annoying flash or marquee or sometimes it is just a bit boring. Spending some time getting every page right is time well-spent. It is also important to check that your page loads well on other operating platforms such as tablets and phones – this is where most of the browsing takes place now, so this is vital.
Tip #3 – Social media really does matter
Keeping a business profile in the public eye is not just a matter of launching a website and leaving it there, even with robust lead generation software in place. A Twitter and Facebook account which is kept active and attractive is just the beginning – there are a host of others available and any that are remotely relevant should be joined and interacted with. Crossover marketing is essential as if a viewer of your ad or ‘like’ is not interested themselves, they may well know a man who is!
Tip #4 – Make every penny count
Every business has an internet marketing budget of course – it would be only too easy to overspend in this sector otherwise. Lead generation software has been a huge help in ensuring that every visit to your website becomes a potential sale but it is important to follow that up with targeted marketing to the right people.
It is usually easy to see if someone has landed on your page through random clicks – they don’t stay long and they don’t come back for more. These shouldn’t be discarded, but they should be low on your direct marketing list, because they are longshots. Use the budget to target those who you can tell from their identity are likely to be clients and contact them first.
Tip #5 – Don’t forget the call to action
You may feel that with your lead generation software in place you don’t need to encourage visitors to your website to contact you – after all, you can contact them to follow up the lead. But this is to miss a trick – by putting a strong call to action on your website and making contact easy, with a one click contact form or something nice and easy like that, your customers will do much of the work for you, so don’t leave out this vital component.