Basic SEO Tips for Search Engine ranking improvements


We have put together 5 basic tips to help with your SEO. Follow these and you are sure to see your rankings on the search engines improve.

1: Content

For too long SEO-friendly content was all about articles jam-packed with keywords designed to massage the ego of Google’s algorithms. Fortunately the algorithms got tired of all the relentless compliments and it became harder to gain their favour. Instead they insisted that content focus on solving real problems for real people.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

It is clearly high time content writers focus on the end user when it comes to website articles and keep those keywords in check. An abundance of low quality articles can be extremely detrimental to SEO in 2017 and if it means borrowing content and linking back to the original source, at times, then so be it – content marketing solutions can be highly successful and generate symbiotic relationships between sites and blogs.

2: Meta Tag Titles

Meta Tag Titles can be extremely useful to the search engine optimisation of your website, but there are certain dos and don’ts. It is therefore extremely important to understand how to correctly use Meta Tag Titles. Title Tags are the most important of all of the Meta Tags when it comes to having a real impact on search rankings. Firstly, they are the only Meta Tags visible to the average visitor as they are found at the top of the browser. Meta Tag Titles are very useful for giving a specific page one main title for the user’s benefit but clarifying or simplifying that title for SEO requirements and for users who are switching between multiple tabs.

3: Search Engine-friendly Page Names

It is vital not to neglect your page names if you want your content to be found and accessed by as many (of the right) users as possible. Prior to 2014 it was recommended to stick to 70 characters including spaces in accordance with what Google displayed in search results, but things have moved on and now 55-60 is the recommended number, depending on how many capital letters are used. Keep titles simple, avoid branding words, pay close attention to formatting, don’t neglect primary keywords and if there is room inject a Call To Action.

4: Use Image / Alt Tags

The image tag is used to place an image on the web page. In its simplest form it usually manifests in code like this:

<img src=”image2.jpg”>

Images are not really part of a web page, rather they are linked into it, so image tags are vital to retain control over how and where they appear on the page. They can be adapted to resize an image like so:

<img src=”image.jpg” width=”100″ height=”50″>

“Alt tags” or “alt attributes” on an “image tag” should describe the image you have in your article or on your web page. This is especially important for visually impaired users as screen readers will read the text in this tag and thus your image is accessible to all groups of users.

5: Use Social Media to Share your Content

The impact of social media on SEO is snowballing year on year. Never has it been more important to link, relink, share, and re-share your content across the various social media platforms. Remember, your followers can be your best marketers by re-tweeting your tweets and sharing your Facebook posts – such social sharing has become one of the greatest tools for online marketers and the good thing is it is very simple. Time is the only concern. It has become harder and harder to get your content seen and the rules of engagement have shifted towards social sharing.

It is vital to discover who is sharing your content, how to find others like them and reward them for sharing. Gone are the days of building up banks of nameless, faceless visitors and traffic, it is imperative in 2017 and going forward to establish trust with the very people who are driving our content into the realms of visibility.

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